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SUP vacations are growing in popularity as the sport grows

Posted by on Jul 20, 2013 in Blog | Comments Off on SUP vacations are growing in popularity as the sport grows

SUP vacations are growing in popularity as the sport grows. After people try paddleboarding they get addicted and would like to see vacation type views from a board in lots of different locations around the world. That is now becoming possible with more vacations spots having paddleboards. Here at we offer retreats that add to the typical surf camp retreat with additions of yoga and Stand Up Paddleboarding for the ultimate SUP vacations.  We also offer a culture experience by keeping you in the town of Canoa for your stay, not a private excluded resort.  We want you to feel free to chat with the locals and get a feel for the beauty of the Ecuadorian people and their culture, not just the land, beach, and water.  We enhance your SUP vacations by taking you out on rivers and in the ocean. We teach you the basics and how to get past the waves so you can try your hand at surfing both long boards and SUP boards. You will have access to all different kinds of boards from body boards to long boards, short boards, and paddle boards.  With access to different boards and the staff giving daily feedback with photos and video we are able to increase your learning how to surf more quickly.

SUP vacations

SUP vacations

Here in Canoa we have a variety of beautiful locations to paddleboard. We start your SUP vacations by a chill refresher paddle up the river right by your cabina. You will stay in a rustic style hut (it has air conditioning and hot water so its not too rustic) right on the beach, next to a river. You will feel like your are in the tropics with all the birds and flora around your spot. You can jump on your paddleboard a couple steps away from your door. Up the river we will experience some animals and get to look at town from a different angle and after you feel comfortable we will lead you to the ocean.  After you master getting past the waves, we can venture to the caves on the inflatable boards. This is an ultimate to do while in Canoa on your SUP vacations. No need to climb on rocks to get over to the most beautiful spot in Canoa, when we take the paddleboards you can cruise up in style. Here at Love Life Adventures we have access to many another river that dumps out into the ocean in Canoa, the Rio Machacho river and it goes up from the beach for a 30 minute paddle usually before its too shallow. Our favorite though, is transporting the boards to the next two over, Bahia de Caraquez and paddleboarding under the bridge that connects the two towns, Bahia and San Vicente. This can be done at night as well with the purple lights of the bridge is super fun. The water is quite shallow at this river mouth and usually very flat.

SUP vacations are so much fun and an amazing way to explore the world.




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