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  • Three 1 hour massages!
You will receive 3– 1 hour long massages as part of your retreat by a licensed massage therapist, Emelie! ! You can schedule this, and extra massages if you like, as soon as you arrive in Canoa.

Words from your expert massage therapist, Swedish Emelie:

29938_398979437201_4417123_nI work mostely with a technic called Swedish classic massage, where i use natural oils and work slow momements and deep pressure. I have also studied Thai massage in a town called Chaing Mai in the north off Thailand where that massage is heritated. Thaimassage is based on stretching in different posisions and is also called “lasy mens yoga” ­čÖé. I have also studied and worked with another technic called Energymassage wich is a short version off the classic Japanese massage. The Energymassage is based on working on pressure points and to release stress.┬áSo the massages i give are a Classic swedish massage with influenses off Thai- and energy massage. I became intrested in doing and studying massage at very young age. I was only 10 years old i started my interest and practiced on friends and family, learning from books i borrowed at the library. I knew early what i wanted to do, and that is to help people. With massage i can help people ease their pain and release stress from thier body. Hope to see you in beautiful Canoa!

  • ┬á┬áYou are giving back to life in Canoa by coming to visit
Love Life Adventures will take a portion of your payment and give back to Canoa each time you visit us. For 2012-2013 we are providing neutering, health care, and food to the homeless dog population in Canoa throughout the year.  Continuing the same needs though 2016 we are still helping the animals in Canoa and teaching the children to SUP and surf.
  • More to do!┬á

In the case you’re looking for more to do- these are some of the options that will be available to you throughout your stay as well.

  • Hike to Organic & sustainable farm- full day
  • Food Market & Museum- half day
  • Beach hike and cave tour -3 hours
  • Bike Tour into the highest point of the Canoa hills- 3 hours
  • Guided Beach Runs -1 hour
  • Beach Bonfire
  • Receive photos and a video from your stay and time in the water watch the order ed drug camp video from April 2015 below
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